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A few years ago, we started a hemp extraction lab that gave us a deep understanding of the science behind the plant.  This passion grew into a need to develop our own products and we thought – what would be the best product that could utilize the best benefits of cannabis without sacrificing health or having to wait two hours for an edible to kick in? What would be the most convenient product for our customers that would be socially acceptable and have the consistency and quality control that other brands in the space are lacking? Enter Delta Beverages™. 


Delta Beverages™ is all about bringing people together using a variety of cannabinoids to promote wellness, bring awareness to the benefits of hemp-derived products, and to foster a community to continue the conversation. Our goal is to keep our customers healthy and still able to have a good time. As a company, we strive to innovate and lead the way in the cannabis movement. With our background in product development, we are able to create the most unique blends of cannabinoids that can enhance any occasion. We are proud to introduce the first Delta 8 and HHC infused beverages on the market. Drop the hangover and grab a can today!



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