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Delta 8 Drinks: How are they Made?

You’ve heard the popular anecdote that “everyone has a bad D8 experience”… but why? There are so many “bad apples” in the bunch. They’re creating products that may not be safe and ruin the name of safe, trustworthy producers. As a company that takes pride in the safe measures we go through in order to give you the best, and safest, delta 8 drinks we wanted to walk you through the process of creating a Delta Beverages seltzer.

Only the Best from the Start

We don’t believe that it’s okay to cut corners- which is why we only work with some of the best hemp growers in the country. All of our growers have ISO-9000 and GMP certifications. Both of these certifications are optional to have when producing hemp. Having these certifications shows the dedication and high standards our growers are held to.

Where does the Delta 8 come from?

So before you have your Delta 8 Drinks, you’ve got to extract the Delta 8 from the hemp leaf. Delta 8 occurs when the plant degrades naturally. By speeding up the process, we are able to get this Delta 8 in a usable form so that we can create Delta Beverages Seltzers. HHC goes through a similar process when we create the Day Drinker.

To get the perfect flavor in our delta 8 drinks, we have to refine the delta 8. Through refining, we are able to get a 99%+ concentration of a clean delta 8 product. Refining the product removes any of the “yuck” that is responsible for negative side effects such as migraines.

Creating the Perfect Blend

We’ve worked diligently to create a perfect blend product. Specifically with our Delta 8 drinks – the Original – we have worked to create a balance of D8, CBD and CBG.

Why blend the cannabinoids? In mixing the three, we are able to create the “entourage effect” for the perfect high. There’s less paranoia this way. The D8 isn’t overwhelming and the CBD and CBG aren’t too calming. It’s just what you expect for your D8 Seltzer.

Add some carbonated water, fantastic (natural) flavors, and a little sugar free/calorie free sweetener and there you go!

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