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Delta Near Me

We believe that is it important to get the correct information out to the public regarding Delta 8, HHC, and hemp-derived products. There’s so much misinformation being spread about Delta 8 and HHC that is important to have accurate information that comes from a reliable source. For this reason, Delta Beverages participates in a number of local events in order to correctly inform the public.

Past Events

You can find Delta Beverages from BevNet to Charlotte FC Matches and everywhere in between. Building a strong community bond is important to our company. Our Instagram is filled with events we’ve been to, and we’ll even go “live” during some of them.

We made a drink specific for social events, so naturally, we’re pretty social people!

When is Delta Near Me?

Summer is the season of festivals. Fall gives us tailgate season. Winter brings holiday markets. And Spring brings us outdoors again.

So you see why we can’t pick a favorite? Each season brings its own perks and we get to meet a whole new group of people at each event we attend. This month, we’re super excited to partner with Charlotte Beer Garden for their Charlotte FC Nights. We’ll be there with samples and other giveaways for the July 20 and 30 games, with more events in the works!

What about Events Outside of Charlotte?

Who doesn’t love a trip to somewhere new?! This August, we’ll be in Raleigh, NC for Packapalooza hosted by NC State University. In the past we’ve traveled to West Virginia, Georgia, and even Florida for different events. Last year we attended the Grand Prix race in St. Petersburg, Florida and even sponsored one of the cars.

Let’s Plan Something!

We’re always looking for new places and events to be a part of. Have a company fundraiser? Town bazaar? Music festival? Store opening? Contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

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