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NC Senate Passes Hemp Bill at the Last Minute

The North Carolina Senate passes State Bill 455, removing hemp from their list of controlled substances.

North Carolina Senate has passed legislation to permanently remove hemp from the list of controlled substances in the state. Thirty hours short of the deadline set by North Carolina’s 2015 pilot program, Senate Bill 455 passes in the Senate. On April 1, 2022 the Bill was originally introduced to the Senate.

All hemp products sold or produced in the state must have less than 0.3% THC in them.

Who does this impact?

The passing of this bill impacts over 1,500 North Carolina hemp producers and North Carolina stores’ ability to carry hemp based products such as: seltzers, personal hygiene, and pet medications. Hemp and hemp based products would have only been able to produced or sold until the June 30 deadline. Passing Senate Bill 455 has allowed for a number of industries to keep their doors open.

Small business owners around the state were concerned about the impeding July 1 deadline. These owners were concerned about what to do with the products should the bill have not passed in time. Products that had been previously purchased wouldn’t have been able to be sold, causing store owners to experience a detrimental profit loss. Thousands of dollars of hemp based products would have been unusable. Other small business owners would have had to close their shops entirely.

What is next?

On June 1, 2022 the North Carolina House passed Senate Bill 455 85 to 26; on June 29, 2022 the bill passed the Senate 41 to 2. The final step of legalizing hemp in North Carolina is Governor Roy Cooper signing the bill into law.

This bill does not change the legalization status of medical marijuana in the state of North Carolina. The state is currently debating a separate bill for legalizing medical marijuana.

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