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What is HHC?

The Day Drinker is the newest kind of infused seltzer on the market. It uses HHC instead of D8 in order to get those affects we all know and love. Delta-8 is a term many people are familiar with; however, many people are still uncertain on exactly what is HHC.

HHC is the shortened name for hexahydrocannabinol, a cannabinoid that can be derived from both cannabis and hemp. Chemically, it is different from THC due to having extra hydrogen molecules. It is naturally found in cannabis and hemp but in very small quantities. In order to produce enough of the cannabinoid for a drink like the Day Drinker, we take THC and saturate it with hydrogen atoms in order to convert to HHC.

Can I get high from HHC?

Due to the chemical differences, the high will be different than your typical D8 THC or D9 feelings. HHC is approximately 70-80% the strength of THC, so you can expect similar effects with some variation. Not only will you get the euphoric feeling that you crave, but it can also provide a little extra energy. We call our drink the Day Drinker for this exact reason.

So is it a Cannabis Energy Drink?

An increase in energy is a common effect of HHC users so even though the DayDrinker is not designed specifically to be an energy drink, don’t be surprised if you feel energized. The DayDrinker is a Sativa based drink. Sativa is known to be invigorating and energizing and is where that burst of energy is coming from.

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