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Will HHC test positive for THC?

When thinking of a drug test, the typical person thinks that a test is only looking for THC. If the Day Drinker is THC free (which it is!) then there’s no worry about a drug test…. Right?

Not so much. It’s actually much more complex, which is why we suggest individuals being drug tested for marijuana or hemp products do not use our products. Just because it is THC free does not mean you will pass your drug test.

How could a THC free drink test positive?

It really depends on the type of test that you take. If your test is looking solely for traces of THC then will HHC test positive for THC? Well… they are two different things.

However, other drug tests are searching for THC related metabolites. Consuming HHC increases the possibility that your body will produce similar metabolites as THC. If your drug test is searching for metabolites, then there is a chance they can find them.

When the body metabolizes THC it creates a primary THC metabolite, 11-hydroxy-THC. However, when the body metabolizes HHC it forms a minor metabolite, 11-hydroxy-HHC. These are different metabolites and are created to different degrees, which may explain why some individuals pass drug tests. Unfortunately, they are similar enough that other drug tests may not be able to differentiate between 11-hydroxy-THC and 11-hydroxy-HHC.

That’s a lot of “IFs”.

Yes, we agree. For something based in science, there are few definitive answers. Some users of HHC have passed their drug tests with no issues where others have failed their test with only one use of an HHC product. There are so many variables- the user’s metabolism, how frequent they use HHC or THC products, and the sensitivity of the test.

So what do we Suggest?

If you have an upcoming drug test or are susceptible to random drug testing for any reason, we do not suggest consuming our products. Drug tests can affect a number of facets to your life – parole, custody agreements, or jobs- and we really do not want our consumers to risk any of these.

We also suggest that you read up on your states laws. Certain states, like New York, have made it against the law for employers to include marijuana (or hemp) in their test panels. PayCor has put together a list of state laws regarding testing. If you’re interested, read their article here.

When we say “please consume responsibly” we mean it. Please make your best educated decision and be sure to do what is best for you. Regardless of what some company online says.

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